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Extremely scale Global business radiation

Company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, the company introduced the domestic and foreign advanced metal ceilings and metal curtain wall processing machinery and equipment

Products are widely used in various local government enterprises and institutions to become the image of the local project (Guangdong, China as the center, the axis around the city)

10 years of industry experience

10 years experience in high-end engineering decoration materials

Has more than 200 projects at home and abroad to provide high-end decorative materials supply and engineering services, including the Nanjing Museum, Suzhou modern media Plaza, Nanchang Wanda Plaza Hotel, Donghai Hotel, etc.

Famous brand of China Word of mouth to honor the wall

Hong chuan way won the "national famous brand", "quality, service, credit AAA enterprise" "aluminum alloy wall panels, aluminum ceilings fixed-point enterprise", "China green, environmental protection, energy saving building materials center", "international standards certification" "green products" and other honors

Local prices International quality

The company has 2 fluorocarbon spraying production lines, 1 electrostatic powder spraying line, with the leading technology and superb technology to ensure quality

From product research and development, production to the construction of a comprehensive control of the dragon, replacing all aspects of the middle, the cost of direct down 30~50

Products can be customized

Aluminum can be customized according to customer demand in a plane surface, spherical surface of complex geometry design

Trading period is guaranteed, 7 days of rapid delivery of customized products, production processes and scientific and reasonable reduction cycle


Project content:

Construction area:330万平米




Foshan City Nanhai Hong Chuan way metal building materials Co., Ltd. is located in convenient transportation, the aluminum alloy production base - Foshan City Nanhai District, Dali Town, famous, is a professional aluminum single plate manufacturers and aluminum carved board manufacturers. Company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, is the production area,

Company to introduce domestic and foreign advanced metal ceiling and metal curtain wall processing machinery and equipment......

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